Home Events 2019 Perodua Axia comes bundled with ASA 2.0 at an affordable price point
2019 Perodua Axia comes bundled with ASA 2.0 at an affordable price point

2019 Perodua Axia comes bundled with ASA 2.0 at an affordable price point


Perodua has officially unveiled and launched the 2019 Perodua Axia, Malaysia’s most affordable car with advanced safety. The enhanced A-segment hatchback was launched today by Perodua Chairman Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin at Perodua Sentral, Petaling Jaya.

The 2019 Axia penetrates the market with 6 variants, providing plenty of choices for customers to decide from. More details regarding the variants can be found in the table at the end of this article.

The range-toping AV variant comes packaged with Perodua’s safety feature suite – Advanced Safety Assist (ASA*) 2.0, making it an affordable option in the market to feature autonomous emergency braking (AEB) capabilities, among the many other safety features that comes with it.

“The 2019 Perodua Axia carries on that spirit while offering Malaysians much more in an entry-level vehicle than ever thought possible. It offers major advances in safety and style never seen before in this segment and yet retains its affordability,” said Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad.

ASA 2.0 consists of comprising Pedestrian Detection (up to 50 km/h), Pre-Collision Warning (up to 100 km/h), Pre-Collision Braking (up to 80 km/h), Front Departure Alert and Pedal Misoperation Control functions to mitigate collisions, all functional with the assistance of a forward-facing stereo camera and sensors fitted round the vehicle.

The Pre-collision Warning feature warns the driver when a collision is imminent and alerts the driver through a buzzer warning before an impending crash and can detect oncoming crashes up to 100 km/h. The sensory tools are also able to detect pedestrians up to 80 km/h.

If the driver does not respond within a predetermined timeframe, the Pre-Collision Braking feature (commonly known as Autonomous Emergency Braking) will then take over the control of the Axia’s braking function, automatically applying the brakes as the vehicle approaches an imminent crash, occurring in two stages – first applying weak primary braking and then hard secondary stage braking as distances close.

The Front Departure Alert function notifies the driver when the car in front begins to move (only activated once the car in front is 10 metres ahead) while the Pedal Misoperation Control provides an override of engine output in cases where Axia’s safety system detects an object in front of the vehicle, within a four-metre distance. It will not allow the car to accelerate forward, and engine output control will continue for up to eight seconds which can avoid accidents in parking or accelerating situations.

With rated fuel efficiencies of 22.5 km/l for the manual, 21.6 km/l for the auto and 20.8 km/l for the new STYLE variant, Malaysia’s pioneer Energy-Efficient Vehicle (EEV) continues to be among the most fuel-efficient vehicles on sale today.

All variants from GXtra and above come with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and traction control, and all variants except the base E have ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution as standard. ISOFIX is to be had across the range, while SE and AV variants get solar and security window film.

The 2019 Perodua Axia’s six variants – E, G, GXtra, SE, AV and the new STYLE variant, are priced between RM24,090 and RM43,190, on-the-road before insurance for Peninsular Malaysia, maintaining the price level of the first edition.

“For over a quarter of a century, Perodua has mobilised Malaysia with quality compact vehicles that offer practicality, dependability, ease to drive and low overall ownership costs. For these reasons and more, the Perodua Kancil and Viva were popular choices for an entire generation of Malaysians buying their first cars”, Dato’ Zainal said.

The new stand-out addition to the Axia family is the STYLE variant, which sports more rugged-looking front and rear bumpers with skid plate elements, all-round body cladding, clear-lens tail lamps, roof mouldings, a rear spoiler and striking 15-inch five-spoke alloys. A new variant-exclusive Sunrise Orange body colour completes the trendy crossover-inspired look.

“The new Perodua Axia STYLE embodies the desire to be different; to unleash the fun and active side that exists in all of us. It is upbeat and trendy, and at the same time retains all the hallmark Axia qualities of practicality, spaciousness, clever design and ease to drive,” Dato’ Zainal said.


More details can be found in the table below:


*ASA is a driver assistance system that helps to reduce the risk of collisions and is by no means a substitute for safe driving. Always be alert and cautious behind the wheel.