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5 safe driving tips during the hazy climate

5 safe driving tips during the hazy climate


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The hazy situation in Malaysia has been consistently bad and there are no signs of it improving. Due to this, drivers will be facing some difficulties on the road and will have to be extra cautious while driving.

With that, we have outlined several safety tips every driver can follow to reduce the risk of unwanted consequences. These safe driving tips were taken from a statement published by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) on the 18th of September 2019.

  1. Ensure all lights are functioning
    • This is the most important step to adhere as the haze will definitely shorten the distance of which you can see. The function of your vehicle’s lights is pivotal in the hazy climate as it helps you see the surroundings of the road.
  1. Use the headlight even during the day
    • This step will not only help increase your vision while driving but more importantly, it allows other drivers to notice your presence on the road.
    • Take care that you do not frequently use your vehicle’s high-beam function as the high light intensity can be reflected back on you due to the thick haze conditions, hence disrupting your vision. Only use high beam when you need to.
  1. Be constantly aware of your surroundings
    • Despite driving on your usual route, always be aware of your surroundings as the hazy conditions can limit your viewing distance.
  1. Maintain a slower speed than usual
    • Under limited vision conditions, the normal speed that you drive on might be considered fast. Hence, drive slower, as it gives you more room to react under emergency situations.
  1. Maintain a safe distance between other vehicles
    • Instead of applying the 2-second rule, maintain a safe distance of 4-12 seconds, depending on the haze intensity. This safe space is important to make sure you can take immediate safety actions (such as braking) in case of an emergency.

 Most importantly, always make sure you are hydrated, alert and conscious of your surroundings, especially during this hazy climate.


*The safe driving tips are courtesy of MIROS.