Home Technology & Safety A Closer Look At Modern Vehicle Styling – BMW i8 Coupé
A Closer Look At Modern Vehicle Styling – BMW i8 Coupé

A Closer Look At Modern Vehicle Styling – BMW i8 Coupé


BMW Malaysia unveiled the New BMW i8 Coupé, yesterday.

We spent some time taking a look at the design features of the car. So what are the styling and design features present in today’s latest sports models? Here’s a look.

The i8 Coupé’s underbody chassis

The New Generation of a Vision features a brand new LifeDrive vehicle architecture which will represent all BMW i models to come, which offers a horizontally split structure comprising an aluminium chassis and a CFRP passenger cell. Its horizontally split structure comprises of an aluminium chassis and suspension plus all drive components at the bottom, and a CFRP occupant cell at the top. According to BMW, this clever engineering feature enables the optimal positioning of the necessary drive components to ensure the best possible handling, in addition to ensuring a noticeable weight advantage with the carbon passenger cell.

The i8 Coupé’s 2+2-seater

The 2+2-seater stands out with its proportions, lines and surface design mark. BMW said, the flat bonnet, visible aerodynamics measures, short overhangs, a long wheelbase, large track widths and an elongated roofline create an aura of dynamism, lightness and efficiency.

The i8 Coupé’s wedge shape and scissor doors

 The streamlined and flat silhouette of the New BMW i8 Coupé is combined with a pronounced wedge shape to give the car its classic sports-car look – an impression that is accentuated by its scissor doors that open forward and upward.

The i8 Coupé’s rear

 The New BMW i8 Coupé’s optimised aerodynamics means that air is channelled effectively as it hits the car, due to the combined effects of the low bonnet, air flap control system, Air Curtains in the front apron, sealed underbody, contoured side skirts, “Stream Flow” lines of the car’s flanks, and air ducts between the rear lights and roof frame.

The i8 Coupé’s 20-inch light-alloy wheels

 Instead of rushing out through the outlet in the bonnet, the air escapes at the sides of the car near the wheel arches and into the underbody. The New BMW i8 Coupé is fitted with the 20-inch BMW i light-alloy wheels in radial-spoke style and 516 jet black paint.

The drivetrain of the New BMW i8 Coupé consists of an electric motor on the front axle and an internal combustion engine on the rear. The engine’s power is channelled to the rear wheels through a six-speed Steptronic transmission, while the electric motor drives the front wheels via a two-speed automatic gearbox. The high-voltage battery is located centrally in the car’s underbody to provide a low centre of gravity.

The i8 Coupé’s interior

The interior of the New BMW i8 Coupé continues the progressive design of the exterior with a classic BMW i8 drive orientation in line with the sporty, dynamic concept. The upper centre console to the instrument panel curves toward the driver in a very acute 12-degree angle. BMW claims that the acute angle allows all controls and display elements to be in perfect reach of the driver and easy to read.

The i8 Coupé’s head-up display

The cockpit is fitted out with the BMW Head-up Display that changes to a sports display that includes revs, gears and shift lights when performing manual gear changes in SPORT mode. The Navigation System Professional features an up-to-date user interface, including a modern tile display with live mode. It is controlled using the iDrive operating system, comprising both a Touch Controller on the centre console and an 8.8-inch freestanding Control Display screen.

The i8 Coupé’s ceramic iDrive Cotroller

Adding a futuristic touch to the interior are the open-pored CFRP Carbon trim on the centre console, door handle and dashboard inlay, the ceramic controls with an embossed i8 logo on the iDrive Controller, and the ceramic finish on the gear selection lever. According to BMW, the immediately impactful environment gives the driver the impression of being one with the car.

Mr. Raymond Tan, Head of Sales of BMW Malaysia said, “In 2014, BMW redefined the concept of a supercar with the BMW i8. In its looks and appeal, the sports car arrived from the future but more than this, the BMW i8 told a bold and ambitious story of the BMW Group in shaping the future of the automotive industry with Electro Mobility.”

While the i8 Coupé may possess incredible aesthetic features, they are designed to execute a particular function. This means, designers will have to focus on two elements at once – how it looks visually and how it factors the function of the component. It has to please the eyes of the crowd while performing its duties without fail.

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