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New in-roads established by auto sector in IESS 2019

Numerous export and sourcing opportunities were manifested through collaborations established between Malaysian and Indian companies at the 8th International Engineering Sourcing Show (IESS 2019), held at the Chennai Trade Centre, India last week. Within the span of the show, several Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) were signed between companies of both countries to further the business […]

Peek into future of transportation

Next month, the Malaysia Autoshow will open its gates for the fifth time at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS). The 2019 edition, themed “Mobility for All”, will continue to showcase products of the Malaysian automotive industry in Malaysia and the region, with an increasing focus on Malaysia’s vision towards connected mobility. More than […]

#Exportability: Utilize FTAs to maximise market penetration

Now that the potential markets have already been studied and identified, it is time to make things legal. Plus, exporters can take advantage over these legalities to lower the cost of their export business. Exporting involves building a relationship with another country and for that to happen smoothly, the exporter must be able to produce […]

MALAYSIA AUTOSHOW 2019 “1,000 FREE TICKETS GIVEAWAY” Contest – How To Win The Tickets? Let us guide you!

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Participate in the “1,000 FREE TICKETS TO GIVEAWAY” for a chance to win free entry into the Malaysia Autoshow 2019, organized by the organizer of the Malaysia Autoshow 2019 – Malaysia Automotive, Robotics  IoT Institute (MARii). Here’s a simple instruction on how to win free tickets to the Malaysia Autoshow 2019:   The contest will be […]

#Exportability: Know your target markets’ trends and characteristics

Picking up from where we left off in the previous article – once production capacity is ensured, it is now time for market research. Market research is important in determining the success and sustainability of an export business. The main aims of market research are to identify market opportunities and constraints abroad, as well as […]

#Exportability: First thing’s first – ensure production capacity can be managed

Export is one of the most effective methods to expand a business yet at the same time, can be quite a complicated segment to master, especially for first-timers. However, with the right guide and steps taken, exporting can be quite an easy process to execute. In this series of articles, we take a look at […]

Perniagaan yang baik ialah hubungan pelanggan yang baik

Perniagaan ialah satu proses perhubungan diantara produk atau perkhidmatan dengan bakal pelanggan atau pelanggan sedia ada. Di dalam setiap kelas yang saya berikan sama ada didalam seminar umum, kelas kepada pelajar Sarjana sekalipun kepada pelajar diploma yang melibatkan penerangan tentang isu “Perniagaan” atau isu “Pemasaran, saya akan mulakan dengan memberikan penerangan tentang perspektif “Perhubungan”di antara […]

Value of pragmatism to economic sustainability

It is easy for us to feel overwhelmed in a fast-changing world, where the deployment of economic solutions may not always keep up with new economic problems. This is especially true for Malaysia, in which economically, we have built strong foundations that have raised us out of basic commodity dependence to emerge as a robust […]

Big Data Analytics & IoT Showcase, MARii App previewed at MITI & Agencies Assembly

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New technologies developed by MARii for the automotive and relevant sectors were previewed during MITI & Agencies Monthly Assembly, held in Cyberjaya yesterday. Minister of International Trade and Industry, Datuk Darell Leiking launched the MARii Big Data Analytics (BDA) and IoT Showcase, a new feature of the MARii Cyberjaya HQ that showcases the various technological […]

Malaysia Autoshow returns in 2019 – Promising enhanced mobility experience

The Malaysia Autoshow 2019 will return this 11th to 14th April 2019, and will be hosted at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) for the third year running. The 2019 edition, themed “Mobility for All”, continues its tradition of showcasing the latest vehicles on the market, especially highlighting the advances in technology, safety and […]