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The Launching of MITI report 2018 and the Productivity Report 2018/2019

Malaysia leveraged on the improved trend of private investments, underpinned by business-friendly policies and clear economic direction. Despite the challenging external environment, Malaysia managed to attain gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 4.7% in 2018, compared to 5.9% in 2017, which was largely supported by strong domestic demand and well-diversified economy.

Inisiatif TransforMARii

The TransforMARii is a one-year programme to transform underprivileged households to become financially sustainable in the future. They receive assistance to improve their social upward mobility.

MARii – UiTM Collaboration to Expand Mobility R&D and Talent Network

“Malaysia is aggressively promoting the development of future technologies in the automotive, transportation and overall Mobility sectors. Therefore, UiTM’s capabilities will add a new dimension to MARii’s expert and facilities pool to deliver the needed capacities to drive the Connected Mobility agenda”

AI and Autonomous Vehicles – How do they supplement each other?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is is a key technology in the development of autonomous or self-driving vehicles. Not only is AI capable of collecting and analysing data through sensors and cameras but it is also capable of adapting to situations and learning through machine learning. When AI is paired with a vehicle, it allows the vehicle […]

MARii signs MoU with CIETC at the Malaysia-China Manufacturing Roundtable, held in Sabah

Malaysia and People’s Republic of China Industry Ministers met this week at the Malaysia-China Manufacturing Roundtable Meeting, held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, today. Minister of International Trade and Industry, (MITI) YB. Datuk Darell Leiking and China’s Minister of Industry and Information Technology, His Excellency Mr. Miao Wei, co-chaired the business roundtable between major Malaysian […]

Local assembly trials of Proton X70 in progress

As the commissioning of PROTON’s new assembly plant in Tanjung Malim draws near, production trial runs have begun for the Proton X70. Final trim, paint and assembly lines are still in the process of being fully completed but at this early stage, it is possible for PROTON’s engineers and production workers to begin semi-automated test […]

Join us – Become part of MS 4R2S Certification Body

MS 4R2S is a qualification and standardization of automotive parts and components to enhance and standardise the Reuse, Recycle, Remanufacturing, Repair, Services and Spare part sectors of the automotive industry. One of its main objectives is to guide the automotive industry towards achieving optimum standard for product and process quality, consumer safety and protection, environment […]

Pemanduan selamat – Cara menentukan jarak kenderaan yang selamat

Pastikan anda sentiasa menjaga jarak yang selamat semasa memandu di belakang kenderaan lain. Jarak yang selamat boleh ditentukan dengan menggunakan peraturan 2 saat seperti di video ini! Pandu dengan selamat, anda mampu mengubahnya!

Smart Manufacturing – What makes it smart?

Smart manufacturing employs robotics and the Internet of things (IoT) to increase productivity and process adaptability. This robot is used for material handling. We spoke to experts at the recent SEMICON 2019!

What is wireless automation?

Wireless automation technology opens up new possibilities in manufacturing compared to conventional automation. Wireless automation is the use of control systems on the manufacturing line for the operation of machinery and processes through a wireless network connection. We spoke to an expert at METALTECH 2019!