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Increased Government Initiatives to support Holistic Growth of Domestic Auto Sector in 2019 (with Slideshow)

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FOR RELEASE ON 18TH Jan 2019 INCREASED GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES TO SUPPORT HOLISTIC GROWTH OF DOMESTIC AUTO SECTOR IN 2019 Increased EEV penetration, exports, job creation, Industry 4.0 implementation are key highlights of 2018 automotive sector growth. A stronger domestic ecosystem has been developed towards export readiness and global competitiveness. The automotive sector yet again affirmed […]

Pelancaran Perodua Aruz 2019

Pelancaran Perodua Aruz. Dengarkan apa yang berlaku di sebalik projek SUV 7-tempat duduk itu.

Towards meaningful adoption of technology

Meaningful implementation of technology penetration is a multi-tiered challenge for any organisation, but discussion often revolves around anxiety with regards to its huge investments. Recently, this column addressed this anxiety in relation to investing in technology to improve organizational efficiency. From a financial standpoint, investing in emerging technology requires sound planning to balance risk versus […]

Holistic Strategies Towards Economic Resilience

DEPUTY International Trade and Indutsry Ministry  Minister Dr. Ong Kian Ming recently released a statement analyzing and addressing fears of an economic recession in 2019. In essence, the piece challenged the over dependance on single – and sometimes misleading – indexes as a basis to reflect the state of the current economy as well as outlooks into […]

Marii Karakuri Programme Produces 30 Graduates, Emphasizing On Continuous Improvement To Ensure Global Competitiveness

A total of 30 participants from 15 companies successfully completed the MARii Karakuri Programme and were awarded their certificate of completion in a closing ceremony that was organized by the Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) together with Perodua. Dato’ Madani Sahari, CEO of MARii, officiated the MARii Karakuri closing ceremony.   Participants Assessed […]

Bouncing Back: A Year of Unexpected Transition

This year interestingly been a year of unexpected transition. Apart from the obvious administration transition, tremendous progress was seen in the industry’s transformation – seen through a re-engineering and re-thinking across the entire industry, as well as the nation at large. On its fundamentals alone, the industry is slowly bouncing back to the performances seen […]

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – A Brief Overview

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are a group of vehicle safety systems designed to enhance vehicle safety through various technologies that alert the driver to potential problems or to avoid collisions by implementing safeguards and in certain instances, taking over certain functions of the vehicle. ADAS is generally categorized into 4 groups – Adaptive, Automated, […]

Internet of Things for SMEs – Friend or Foe?

Perhaps the biggest barrier to perpetuate the use of technology within our economy is anxiety towards the technology itself. This fear of the unknown, usually in the form or risks associated with the investment, implementation and maintenance of expensive technology, may overwhelm the entrepreneur struggling with the various operations within their companies. Any investment, procurement […]

Kerjasama Antara MARii Dan Kolej UNIKOP Bakal Tingkatkan Kemahiran Tenaga Kerja Tempatan Melalui Program Pembangunan Modal Insan

Institut Automotif, Robotik dan IoT Malaysia (MARii) – yang dahulunya dikenali sebagai Institut Automotif Malaysia (MAI) – dan Kolej UNIKOP, milik Koperasi Polis Diraja baru-baru ini telah memeterai memorandum perjanjian (MoA) bagi memperluas kerjasama dalam meningkatkan kualiti program dan kursus pendidikan, serta persijilan yang ditawarkan oleh kedua-dua pihak tersebut, bagi memenuhi keperluan membangunkan tenaga kerja […]