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Automotive Industry Still Key Focus for MARii

Automotive Industry Still Key Focus for MARii


The Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), has been rebranded as the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii), as announced by the Minister of International Trade and Industry, Datuk Darell Leiking at the Car of the Year 2018 (COTY2018) awards on the 4th of December. This rebranding exercise expands the MITI agency’s scope as a strategic organization for automotive industry players, experts and relevant stakeholders to initiate their transformation towards the utilization of smart technologies of the future, through the adoption of  Robotics and IoT.

MARii Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Madani Sahari, today spoke to members of the automotive fraternity, comprising industry players, academics and government bodies on the scope expansion of MARii, as well as the opportunities created for all stakeholders in expediting the adoption of robotics within the automotive sector in a briefing, titled “An Introduction to the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute”, in MARii’s headquarters, located in Cyberjaya.

“The automotive sector is one of, if not the main driver of Robotics and IoT, especially within the manufacturing and services sectors of the future. The sheer scale and competitive environment of the sector spurs the need for new technologies that bring a higher value of cost efficiency, productivity and even eco-sustainability”, said Dato’ Madani.

With regards to the automotive sector, Dato’ Madani explains that the roles and responsibilities of MARii remains the same, with the added inclusion of enhancing the application and development of Robotics and IoT within the automotive industry to spur new jobs and business opportunities.

Dato’ Madani further explained that the adoption of these two fast growing technologies are expected to create various cross-functional applications in Advanced Manufacturing and Advanced IT, with robotics and IoT applications rapidly becoming a fundamental requirement particularly in achieving Industry 4.0 compliance.

Dato’ Madani added, “We look forward to greater collaborations between MARii and all relevant stakeholders, in creating a technology ecosystem that brings a multitude of new societal benefits at all levels. Together with MITI, MARii aims to unlock new avenues in accelerating the adoption of robotics and IoT within the automotive sector, at the same time aspiring to create technology spin-offs and applications in other areas and fields”.