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Automotive Manufacturing Innovation Centre

The Automotive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC) is a virtual centre consisting of a network of capabilities and offerings for OEMs, vendors and academia to access and utilise the services and facilities under the MARii 9 pillars of Industry 4.0.

The AMIC will provide a critical mass of research capability combining the 9 pillars of I4.0 not just in the automotive sector, but the transportation and mobility industry as a whole.

The AMIC coordinates the usage of relevant tools and methodologies that affect the manufacturing domain, and comprises advanced manufacturing technologies that are data-driven through the Mobility Digital Optimization Transformation Services (MDOTS).

The AMIC will further augment the region’s capabilities in metals, machining, and manufacturing by delivering innovative solutions to the industry while also providing on-the-job research and education opportunities for the industry and academia.

This virtual centre will also address the shortage of skilled R&D talent across the transportation and mobility supply chain, developing the talent required for the demands of emerging technologies and engaging future generations of data engineers, data scientist, system analyst etc.

AMIC will be a unique resource, with an environment to foster collaboration, cohesion and cross-fertilisation of knowledge. Academic and industrial R&D teams will work together using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to develop breakthrough designs, technologies and processes.

To achieve this, MARii has thus far established the MARii Academy of Technology, the MARii Design Centre , MARii Satellite Sabah and the National Emission Test Centre (NETC).

Two more COEs are under development: a Localisation COE to be used by several OEMs in order to enhance import substitution activities, and a Remanufacturing COE to further transform the remanufacturing sector within the automotive industry.

These COEs collectively will enable MARii to be the one stop centre for the development, study and implementation of Industry 4.0 in ASEAN, which has the potential to create a lasting economic asset for Malaysia, and transform this region’s manufacturing industry.