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Value of pragmatism to economic sustainability

It is easy for us to feel overwhelmed in a fast-changing world, where the deployment of economic solutions may not always keep up with new economic problems. This is especially true for Malaysia, in which economically, we have built strong foundations that have raised us out of basic commodity dependence to emerge as a robust […]

Developing design-driven communities

The methodology of product and process design has always started with problem identification and the establishment of design goals, before working towards a set of solutions at the brainstorming stage. However, design solutions derived from the brainstorming process are traditionally based on numerous assumptions – due to the shortage of measurable design inputs, often sourced […]

Time for Sabah, Sarawak to play bigger role

As a Sarawakian, I am aware that there has been decades-long limitation in bringing the automotive industry to Sabah and Sarawak, as the logistics factors alone make it seemingly challenging to set up an automotive manufacturing ecosystem. However, with the advent of technology and disruptions within the mobility sector, new opportunities have arisen for the […]

Widening technology reach to all Malaysians

In previous articles, this column discussed the approaches to overcome barriers to technology penetration and adoption, particularly from the perspective of technology anxiety with respect to business investments and learning curves. While this anxiety can be addressed through human capital development and technology adoption programmes, the bigger challenge is to manage the geography of technological […]

Continuous Innovation: Paradigm Shift in an Automated World

Hollywood has long been the inspiration for future technology. Since television reached the masses beginning around the 1950s, series like “Buck Rogers” and “Star Trek” sparked the imagination of future applications of visual teleconferencing, high-speed engineering calculations, immersive automation and human travel. While many of these “dream devices” are still considered scientifically impossible, many – merely […]

Riding on Advanced Robotics, IoT Applications

Last week, together with the International Trade and Industry deputy minister, we presented the overview of the automotive industry for last year and the government’s plans to elevate technology adoption within the local ecosystem this year. Despite a challenging automotive policy implementation this decade, a changing face of globalisation as seen in the economic outlook […]

Towards meaningful adoption of technology

Meaningful implementation of technology penetration is a multi-tiered challenge for any organisation, but discussion often revolves around anxiety with regards to its huge investments. Recently, this column addressed this anxiety in relation to investing in technology to improve organizational efficiency. From a financial standpoint, investing in emerging technology requires sound planning to balance risk versus […]

Holistic Strategies Towards Economic Resilience

DEPUTY International Trade and Indutsry Ministry  Minister Dr. Ong Kian Ming recently released a statement analyzing and addressing fears of an economic recession in 2019. In essence, the piece challenged the over dependance on single – and sometimes misleading – indexes as a basis to reflect the state of the current economy as well as outlooks into […]

Get Ready to Adopt New Mindset in the New Year

As I browsed through the articles I have written for this column, one thing became clear – the issues related to the automotive industry had shifted drastically over the years. From a central policy focused on energy-efficient vehicles in 2014, the industry is now speaking of high-tech investments in next-generation vehicles, intelligent transportation systems and […]