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5 technologies today that take us closer to autonomous driving

*feature image source: mitsloan.mit.edu   Safety technologies and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) have become a salient feature for safety in current generation vehicles. ADAS primarily functions through the application of various sensory devices such as radars, sensors and cameras which act as the eyes of the vehicle. Safety technologies and ADAS are a vital enabler […]

Smart transportation for a smart city

Insights of Transportation in a Smart City The introduction of traffic light system back in 1900s, is the first foot print of smart city initiatives and its revolution ever since has redefined the way we live. Smart city is defined as an urban area that utilize the use of Internet of Things (IOT) by collecting […]

Cybersecurity in Automotive and Mobility Sector

Automotive manufacturers are making more vehicle with greater degrees of connectivity – which means that the potential of cyber-crime to occur increases with it. Despite more complex software, they are still very as vulnerable as any other internet-connected computer and devices. The figure above illustrates the relationship of scope and severity of risk, in terms […]