Home Events Get Your Tyres Inspected for Free at the Malaysia Autoshow 2018
Get Your Tyres Inspected for Free at the Malaysia Autoshow 2018

Get Your Tyres Inspected for Free at the Malaysia Autoshow 2018


When it comes to your safety and driving pleasure, tyres are one of the important components of your vehicle. Moreover, tyres are the only part of our vehicle that is constantly in contact with the road. To ensure vehicle safety is at its best, tyres need to be checked regularly.

Tyres that are in good condition enhances the level of vehicle safety. In fact, it helps to prolong the tire’s lifespan and increases fuel efficiency.

People are often drowned in work, leaving them with no other choice but to spend time with their family with the remaining time they have left to spend. However, with MisterTyre, you can get everything at one go! Get yourself some quality time with your family while sending your car for a FREE tyre inspection at MisterTyre booth during the Malaysia Autoshow 2018 at MAEPS, Serdang from the 26th-29th of April.

MisterTyre is a mobile tyre-fitting company that allows customers to buy and service not only tyres, but also batteries and engine oils. Their mobile vans are fitted with equipment such as Groove Glove, Tyre changer, Balancing machine, Nitrogen Air Machine, Quick jack which can lift up to 7 tonnes, and various other equipment that is needed to complete  service. Furthermore, they also offer services for 4 wheel drive vehicles.

What is the most interesting about their services is the usage of an advanced tyre scanning apparatus known as the Groove Glove. The Groove Glove is able to scan your all your 4 tyres’ condition in less than 5 minutes, and give you an instant PDF report on your tyre’s condition. It does not only benefit your driving performance and your vehicle safety, but also, helps to ensure better road safety to all road users.

“By providing fast, reliable, efficient and trustworthy services and products, we strive to create awareness and educate motoring consumers with a better and clearer information about vehicle and tyre safety,” said Chief Operating Officer, Mr Suman Mathevan.

During the Malaysia Autoshow 2018, you can get your tyre checked and obtain a PDF report on the condition of tyres, all within 5 minutes. The best part is, it is free!

In addition, you can get a chance to get a RM50 off on any services when you download MisterTyre’s app at the Malaysia Autoshow 2018!

“Our knowledgeable technicians also capture all other information on our customer’s car so we can keep innovating towards making your car maintenance to be an easy task in future,” Mr Suman Mathevan added.


The MisterTyre booth will be opened throughout the Malaysia Autoshow 2018, located near the Car Care Week booth at MAEPS, car park.