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IoT and BDA – How does POMEN App leverage these technologies as a business strategy?

IoT and BDA – How does POMEN App leverage these technologies as a business strategy?


 The advent of Internet of Things (IoT)-related technologies and the increased importance of big data analysis (BDA) has opened up opportunities for new types of business and services to emerge. E-hailing, online food delivery services and mobile car repair services are becoming so popular these days as users can actively demand for the services offered by these businesses anywhere and anytime they want.

Today, we had the chance to chat with Nazmi Najib, the founder and chief technology officer of Pomen Autodata Sdn. Bhd., the developer of the POMEN App, a mobile application that offers roadside assistance services to its users. It serves as a bridge that connects car drivers who are suffering from a vehicle breakdown to nearby workshops.

Regarding the development of the app, Nazmi said, “POMEN was first developed in January last year and it was launched in October of the same year. The first three months after the launching were used to acquire workshops to be part of our clientele. Beginning January this year, we officially launched the app for commercial use.”.

One of POMEN App’s main features is the usage of big data analytics (BDA). When a user requests for a service, data regarding the breakdown such as the cause of the breakdown, the location of the breakdown and the model of the car that broke down will be acquired by the app.

“The data acquired will then be analysed for higher-value data. We can gain information regarding the most common location for a breakdown, the most common car model that suffers from a breakdown, the most common cause of a breakdown, the list goes on and on.”, Nazmi explained.

The application has acquired workshops in the whole of Peninsular Malaysia and will be expanding to East Malaysia in the near future. The app also has around 6,000 active users.

Regarding the app’s uniqueness, Nazmi said, “Instead of focusing on a single pillar, we focus on a variety of pillars that can cause a car breakdown. Hence, we have a clientele of workshops that are specialised in various areas such as battery, tyre and even regular maintenance.”, Nazmi said.

Nazmi also said that, POMEN App operates more on a collaborative mindset to create a network of connected workshops. Other similar mobile application services such as Bateriku will also receive notifications when a user demands for a service. In this case, if a user requests for a battery change service, Bateriku will be able to accept the request.

Pomen AutoData Sdn. Bhd. is also a technological partner to the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii). An MoU was inked between the two parties during the Malaysia Autoshow 2019 to promote and develop automotive and overall mobility workshop services, and to establish technology collaborations on Big Data Analytics platforms and systems for the after sales sector.

“As I said earlier, the data that we have can be provided to MARii to develop and enhance the aftermarket sector but at the same time, we would also like to thank MARii for giving us the opportunity to not only build a large pool of workshops through the WTP programme that is organised by the government agency but also, for giving us the opportunity to have a market presence. It is a win-win situation for both parties.”, Nazmi explained.

Participants of the WTP program who completed the module are automatically given the opportunity to become a panel workshop of the POMEN App.

Nazmi also said that the public shows that MARii has organized prior to this such as the Malaysia Autoshow 2019 and their participation in Art of Speed 2019 has allowed Pomen AutoData to showcase their application to a large number of potential customers and clients.

Some of the latest developments of the app includes a rating system. Users can review and rate workshops in order to ease other users’ decision-making process. Moreover, a few other features will be added soon in order to sustain the application’s relevance in the near future.

“One of the main issues we face is that, users only feel the need to use the application when they go through a vehicle malfunction and once their issue is solved, they delete the application from their smartphones. Hence, we are developing a new feature where users can request for a service on behalf of other drivers.”, Nazmi elaborated.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android-based while iOS-based device users can obtain the app from the Apple App Store.

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