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MARii Unlimited – shared CAE Solutions for the Industry


Cost reduction of design validation is key to achieve competitiveness in today’s automotive industry. With ever increasing public awareness and product complexity in meeting today’s safety requirements and regulations, design and tooling practitioners are finding new ways to expedite the design validation process, sometimes known as the product testing phase of the development cycle.

Recognising the importance of rapid penetration of product and tooling validation among the local industry, MARii has spearheaded the MARii Unlimited initiative, allowing domestic OEMs and component manufacturers access to Computer Aided Engineering software and solvers through an unprecedented leasing scheme.

A multitude of services are available for design and tooling practitioners in Malaysia – which include the rental (daily/weekly/monthly) of CAE solver computing power, product & tooling analysis (for stamping), structural analysis and crash simulation solutions.


Launch of MARii Unlimited server in Cyberjaya


Additionally, pre-processing and post processing services are also available, along with the necessary hardware, software, expertise and training needed by the local industry.

In line with the need to adopt IoT and Big Data Management, these services are cloud based, i.e. the validation services can be performed through cyberspace from the design house.

For more information, contact Idris Ishak (idris@marii.my) or Azli Azizan (azli@mariii.my)