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MAReC – MARii’s Centre For Industry Driven Capacity Building Programs

MAReC – MARii’s Centre For Industry Driven Capacity Building Programs


The MARii Resource Centre (MAReC) – established in Jan 2017 under the “Automotive Manufacturing Innovation Centre” (AMIC) – is the centre for all MAI capacity building programs, and is located in Bukit Beruntung, Rawang, Selangor. MAReC caters to industrial based learning for semi-skilled workers, technicians and engineers.

MAReC Building

MAReC is equipped with comprehensive facilities, established in collaboration with the automotive industry helps to ensure that workforce skills are aligned with industry standards. In fact, the facilities provided will not only facilitate the learning process but also prepare students with a real working environment through practical exercises.

Hands-On Learning

One of the facilities in MAReC is the Fundamentals Dojo. It is equipped with workbenches of the various vehicles systems and components. This includes vehicle structure, engine parts, fuel supply & emissions, steering, braking, etc.

Fundamental Dojo

Vehicle Structure

Car Braking System

As more hybrid vehicles penetrate the domestic market, knowledge and skills in the manufacture and aftersales service for hybrids becomes more relevant. MAReC is equipped with a Hybrid Simulator that allows effective understanding of the functions within hybrid engine systems, transmission, electric motor, power cable, battery and charging.

Hybrid Engine Transmission Simulator

Hybrid Engine Transmission Simulator

To optimize learning with respect to automotive manufacturing, the MAReC houses full scale models commonly seen in OEMs and vendors in the Tools and Die Maintenance Dojo.

This dojo houses fundamental manufacturing tools such as stamping die, spot welding gun, assembly jig and etc. Trainees are given first hand details on the construction of the various tools that mass produce the thousands of components that make up a fully assembled car.

Stamping Die

Spot Welding Gun and Assembly Jigs

The Lean Production System room allows for the effective teaching of LPS fundamentals. As LPS is all about minimizing waste generated within manufacturing processes, the LPS simulation game demonstrates the implementation of best practises through LPS knowledge.

Lean Production System

LPS Simulation Game

MAReC hosts the following MARii Capacity building programs such as Industry-Led Professional Certificate (IPC), Automotive Industry Certification Engineering (AICE), MARii Graduate Apprenticeship, Digital Engineering and Prototyping (DEP), Lean Production System (LPS), Perantisan Industri Menengah Atas (PIMA) and Industry Customized Program.