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MARii AICE Graduates – Where Are They Now?

MARii AICE Graduates – Where Are They Now?


The Automotive Industry Certification Engineering (AICE) is a programme catered towards engineering graduates to jump start their careers in the industry. The syllabus of AICE is tailored for graduates to be immediately employable into the automotive industry upon graduation.


The AICE programme comprises 8 months of intensive exposure to the various skill and knowledge sets within the automotive industry. Trainees are equipped with skills in product and process design, as well as manufacturing processes and quality management systems. The trainees are also exposed first-hand to the inner working cultures of the industry through direct attachments with automotive companies.

The AICE programme provide graduates diversified job opportunities as they are exposed to various sectors within the engineering field. Recently, we had a chance to interview three of our earlier AICE graduates, to see how their careers have developed since joining the AICE programme.

Ahmad Shauki bin Mohamad Yusoff is an AICE graduate from the year 2013. He is now the Process Improval Senior Executive at Malaysian Sheet Glass Sdn Bhd (NSG Group) located in Rawang, Selangor. During the interview, he shared his journey throughout his participation in the AICE programme.


“When I first knew about this programme, the main attraction to me was the syllabus. The syllabus does not only focus on theoretical knowledge but also exposes students to industry practices. This allowed us to gain more experience while also giving us an opportunity to expand our network”

He added, “During my first year working as a Process Improval Executive, the knowledge that I gained from AICE allowed me to familiarize myself with industry practices, for example, the syllabus on 8D problem solving methodology – 8D Report. This helped me to prepare and manage my work with ease. In addition, other syllabi such as Fundamental of Standardized Work Combination Table (SWCT), LPS Introduction; 5’s definition & history of automotive, Vehicle Manufacturing Process and many more were also highlighted in this programme.”

“Based on the experience I gained during AICE, the environment created by the trainer is very helpful in order for us to cope with the working standards that is required by the industry,” said Luqman Hakim, who is working at Ichikoh (M) Sdn Bhd as a Warranty Engineer Executive. He is currently at Ichikoh, Isehara, Kanagawa in Japan for Transferee Program organized by Ichikoh (M) Sdn Bhd.

“Other than engineering knowledge, I also had an opportunity to practice the do’s and don’ts during a mock-up interview that was conducted by an experienced trainer. This upcoming 22nd December, I will be reaching my 4th year working with Ichikoh (M) Sdn Bhd,” he said.

“From my personal opinion, I highly recommend engineering graduates to join this programme to expand knowledge. Plus, it can guarantee job placement,” he explained.

Moza Affendi bin Mahfoz, is an AICE graduate from the year 2013, now working at Perodua Global Manufacturing Sdn Bhd as a Quality Control Executive.


“While I was undergoing AICE programme, I was given an opportunity to lead a task on how to balance takt time to achieve operational rate which now has become my daily work task as a Quality Control Executive. All the experience I gained from this programme was applied in my daily work processes.”

“The intensive practical training provided in the programme has enabled me to embrace the automotive industry’s working culture and habits. Moreover, I have learnt a lot from the experienced trainer, various tips were given during the programme.”

Engineering graduates interested in participating in the AICE programme, or would like to employ AICE graduates, may contact MAI officer, Mr. Mohandass at 016 2828467 or by email; mohan@mai.org.my.