Home Industry Development MITI announces New National Car to spur industry curve
MITI announces New National Car to spur industry curve

MITI announces New National Car to spur industry curve



The new national car will be a completely new model with advanced technology, and will utilise existing competitive and proven vehicle architecture. The project will be a development based on technology collaboration with a global technical partner towards delivering advanced vehicle technology, and capabilities in human capital expansion.

From the Government’s standpoint, the national car project is the nation’s industrialisation catalyst, to spur the meaningful participation of Malaysians in advanced technology adoption. This will create new opportunities for local vendors and talent to be part of the high technology value chain. Most importantly, local businesses are able to explore activities that are in demand in the future, in a conducive environment, minimising risks associated with high investment when such operations are supplied locally at the infancy stage.

Minister of International Trade and Industry, YB Datuk Darell Leiking announced DreamEDGE Sdn Bhd as the Malaysian anchor company to deliver the new national car.

The announcement was made in DreamEDGE’s headquarters in Cyberjaya, today.

DreamEDGE has been providing technical and long-term strategic collaboration to support clients within and outside of Japan, with local Malaysian engineers based in Japan. Throughout its 10 year history, it has built a capable internal development team focused on technology innovation, from ideation to prototyping to mass production.

The company has developed the required in-house capabilities and experience to provide end-to-end automotive engineering services, through a skilled workforce capable of offering shorter, accelerated lead times in delivering engineering projects.

DreamEDGE has built experience in various applications through the establishment of multi-vertical mechanical design and process engineering, cutting across industry verticals including the Oil & Gas, Rail, Defense, Ship Building & Repair and Digital Dentistry, alongside its capabilities in energy efficient vehicle and motorsport research and development.

The company also has developed robotics and augmented reality design capabilities that add value to smart manufacturing for the automotive industry.

As a start, the new national car will take on a new approach of segmenting itself through exclusive models featuring advanced technologies, but are affordable in its offerings to the public.

The new national car will be fully designed and developed by Malaysian engineers, focusing on new upper body, interior and human-machine interface systems, as well as enhancement of noise, vibration & harshness (NVH) and ride & handling (R&H). Daihatsu Motor Company will provide support to DreamEDGE in advanced technology.


Ministry of International Trade & Industry

9th August, 2019