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Shaping Skills among Youth in The Interest of Automotive Industry

Shaping Skills among Youth in The Interest of Automotive Industry


The development of automotive industry depends highly on a critical mass of youth that have the potentials of bringing in new creative ideas, to push the industry further.

It is actually not impossible for the youth to contribute in producing next generation vehicles, in fact they have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to design and create cars powered by new and alternative technology.

For example, MARii sponsored the UiTM Eco-Photon Team – which built a solar car to compete in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (WSC) 2017 in Australia.

This week, 100 universities and high school teams from 18 countries applied their skills to produce the most energy efficient car through Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) Asia 2019.

We spoke to several participants at SEM Asia 2019 on their cars.

According to Raihan Syahirah from Universiti Malaysia Pahang, it was a big opportunity for them to apply their theoretical knowledge on vehicle development through a hands-on approach.

“This platform is a good initiative for the youth to improve automotive skills and as a way for us to contribute more to the automotive sector in terms of ideas and creativity,” said Athmas Thum Jian Hua from Multimedia University, Melaka.

D’hazia Wazieen from UiTM Shah Alam agreed that this is a good start for the youth to prepare for the workforce in the industry after graduating from university.

During the competition, competing cars need to be powered either by internal combustion, battery or hydrogen-powered electric motors. The challenge requires the cars to be design and developed from scratch.

SEM Asia 2019 is the 10th annual installment of the competition, this year held in Sepang International Circuit. Its aim is to challenge young minds on producing cars that can travel the furthest distance with the least amount of energy used.