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When Was The Last Time Your Car Underwent Vehicle Inspection? Let Us Help You!

When Was The Last Time Your Car Underwent Vehicle Inspection? Let Us Help You!


Every mechanical component is subject to wear and tear. This includes our daily mode of transportation; cars. Various factors cause vehicle components to deteriorate, but often, only time tells when it happens. In order to address this, we send our vehicles for maintenance. Despite the routine “check-ups”, mechanical wear out is imminent.

There may not be a way to “immortal-ize” a car but there is always a way to prolong its lifespan, and most importantly – its roadworthiness so you and your family are always safe in transit.

Therefore, we encourage you to head over to our Car Care Week booth during the Malaysia Autoshow 2018 at MAEPS, Serdang from the 26th-29th of April to learn more about the importance of car maintenance!


Car Care Week is a consumer education campaign organized by the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) to educate motoring consumers about the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance, and repair.

Visitors have the privilege to get their cars inspected for free, going through a 21-point inspection point, which includes the engine oil levels, brake pad wear, electronics, lighting, body damage, etc.  Visitors will then be given advice on their car’s health by professionally trained vehicle inspectors and is not subjected to a particular brand or model.

“This program allows consumers to understand the importance of regular vehicle maintenance which does not only lengthen the lifespan of a car but also reduces the risk of an accident that is caused by a malfunction from the car,” explained Amierul Huzzaira, Senior Executive in the Aftermarket division of MAI.

He further explained that the inspection does not only provide a diagnosis on the condition of the parts of the car so that they can prevent the breakdown of the particular component. The diagnosis also helps motorists make informed decisions about their vehicles.

Car Care Week is a regular feature at most events participated by MAI. The free inspection program was also featured during in events such as “Jelajah Usahawan MITI & Agensi” (JUMA) at Labis and Pontian and MITI Day Zon Utara. Amierul further stated that more than 800 cars have been serviced under this campaign over the last two years.

The Car Care Week booth will be located at MAEPS car park, making it a hassle-free situation for the visitors as they can conveniently park their car nearby and visit the Autoshow after the inspection is over.


“Do visit our booth that will be held throughout the Malaysia Autoshow 2018. We will be conducting not only free inspection but also creating awareness about the importance of regular maintenance, which is our main objective. This will not only benefit drivers but also all road users,” said Amierul.

Plenty more of other exciting activities will be held during the festive period. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Malaysia Autoshow 2018 which be held at MAEPS, Serdang from the 26th to the 29th of April!