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Youth Forward: An alternative towards success for school students

Youth Forward: An alternative towards success for school students


The Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute’s (MARii) latest addition to its multi-targeted human capital programmes, Youth Forward was announced at the programme’s press conference held at the MARii Satellite Sabah on 3rd September, 2019.

The Youth Forward programme, organized and coordinated by MARii, is a programme that is designed as an alternative for secondary school students, away from academically oriented education routes.  Through the Youth Forward programme, the students will be trained in various skill-based modules, to be part of the nation’s skilled workforce in various sectors.

The announcement was made by Dato’ Madani Sahari, Chief Executive Officer of MARii.

“MARii has maintained its principles in providing opportunities to all walks of life, including our youth. In order to access these opportunities, we believe that there should be a wide range of modes to cater to different backgrounds and exposure levels. The Youth Forward programme is yet another access point towards success through the skill route”, said Dato’ Madani during the press conference.

He further explained that the development of skilled talents through the programme will allow access to higher-value capabilities and mindsets, enabling students to develop viable options for their future.

Participants of the programme will undergo theoretical sessions, followed by practical training that will be conducted for a total of 5 months where they will be placed in various industries. The theoretical phase will commence 3 times a week over a 4 month period.

The placement of participants in the industry during their practical term will provide them beneficial exposure to real-world work environments, culture and work processes as trainees, serving as a preparation prior to being fully absorbed into the industry.During the theoretical phases, participants will undergo modules aimed to provide knowledge and understanding of fundamentals, basic processes, work management, and soft skills development. A total of 30 modules will be conducted during these sessions including, Introduction to Industry 4.0, Public Speaking, Time Management, Safety in the Home and Vehicle, Communication Skills Enhancement, Financial Management and other life skills and effective habits.

Around 100 students and teachers attended a briefing for the Youth Forward programmed on the same day. They are from SMK Limbanak, SMK Putatan and SM St. Michael (all three are MARii’s foster school) as well as La Salle Secondary School Sabah.

Around 200 participants are expected to register for the pilot of the Youth Forward programme in September 2019.