Malaysian electric vehicle company – EV Innovations, the spearhead of the MyKar project signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) regarding the homologation process of the MyKar project, making it ready for manufacturing.

The signing ceremony was held in conjunction with the unveiling of the MyKar project here in Sepang International Circuit which was attended by Datuk Ir. Khalilur Rahman Ebrahim from EV Innovations, Datuk Dr. Rameli Musa from Ingress Corporation Berhad, and Dato’ Madani Sahari, CEO MARii.

The MoA will witness the collaboration between EV Innovations and MARii in developing local technologies for application in the MyKar projects including EV platforms, system integration initiatives, and parts and components.

These developments include a Battery Management System (BMS), EV wireless charging technology, and communication protocols for vehicles, all of which are readily available in MARii and are intellectual properties (IP) of the government agency.

At least another 5 units of the MyKar project will be manufactured for the testing and homologation phase, allowing the project to progress from a proof-of-concept prototype to developing it into a road worthy vehicle.

The MyKar project is an electric vehicle start-up initiative which kicked off in 2019, designed, developed, and researched entirely by Malaysian engineers with the main objective of producing an EV fitted for the masses, and an EV that is both technologically advanced yet economically viable for the Malaysian and ASEAN automotive market.

The event also witnessed another MoA signing between EV Innovations and Ingress Corporation Berhad regarding the manufacturing of parts.

The MyKar project is based on various technologies developed by System Consultancy Services in regard to its electronics control, instrumentation and integration, DK Composites Sdn Bhd that fabricated the outer layer and body of the vehicle, and DNT Auto that designed and fabricated the chassis and all mechanical related parts of this pre-production vehicle.