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Additive manufacturing has been instrumental in transforming and reshaping today’s more advanced manufacturing industry. Contrary to traditional processes of manufacturing, additive manufacturing is also known as 3D printing whereby a computer controlled process creates three dimensional objects by depositing materials in layers. It is also known as additive layer manufacturing.

The use of advanced computer aided design (CAD) and 3D object scanners has allowed manufacturers to create objects and products with precise geometric dimensions within a fraction of the time and at a lower entry cost while at the same time greatly minimizing wastage that would normally occur with the conventional process of machining and other techniques involving the removal of surplus material. 

This process of rapid prototyping also enables manufacturers to make design alterations more quickly and efficiently. The use of computer aided design (CAD) has helped manufacturers to simplify complex designs whereby products can now be fabricated as a single object without having the need to manufacture and assemble various parts. Another benefit of additive manufacturing is that unique components that are no longer being produced can now be fabricated and at smaller production runs that are even less expensive.

MARii’s Additive Manufacturing services is extended to companies in the manufacturing sector as a shared infrastructure. We also provide on-site expertise and training.

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