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Automotive Supplier Excellence Program


MARii”s Automotive Supplier Excellence Programme (ASEP) is designed to elevate local automotive suppliers into becoming world class players in terms of competitiveness and sustainability by way of providing technical assistance, coaching, support and consultancy.

The programme is currently offered to local automotive vendors and suppliers, companies that are providing components to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and those with a manufacturing facility in Malaysia. To date, many of the beneficiaries of this programme have been automotive companies that supply components to Malaysian car manufacturers PROTON and PERODUA.

ASEP focuses on both internal and external enhancements within a company. Internally, the programme emphasizes on enhancing a company’s business plan, operations and its people – three areas that must excel in in terms of compliance to the best international standards and practices before they are deemed ready and capable of venturing into the overseas market. Meanwhile, externally, MARii assists companies to promote business opportunities abroad via business matching activities.

Companies that undergo the programme are subjected to an assessment to rate their level of competencies in all areas including management, finance, human resources, project management and quality. The assessment and benchmarking of companies is based on five metrics and 11 competencies that include the following areas:


  • Management & leadership
  • Manufacturing & quality
  • Financial systems & practices
  • Procurement & project management and;
  • People and performance


  • Management & leadership
  • Financial systems & practices
  • Cost structures & analysis tools
  • Global sourcing & marketing strategies
  • Supply chain integration
  • Customer focus
  • New model introduction capability

Programme Structure