Business & Value Chain Development

At MARii, one of our key objectives is to empower Malaysian companies with the capabilities of becoming competitive global players. This transition involves a serious commitment on the part of companies to evaluate and subsequently enhance their business and operational processes.

Four key programmes being undertaken that are currently focused on, but not limited to manufacturing companies in the automotive industry, emphasizes on expertise and best practices that are designed to elevate Malaysian automotive component suppliers into becoming global players. These programmes include the implementation of Lean Production Systems to enhance productivity; the introduction of Karakuri to increase a company’s capabilities and competitiveness by way of eliminating waste, unevenness and overburden; MARii’s Automotive Supplier Excellence Programme (ASEP) designed to scale up the capabilities of local players; and a CEO/Owner Growth Mindset Programme (COGMP) tailored specifically to address the leadership of a company in their pursuit of becoming a world class player.


A fifth programme, the Technopreneur Development Programme (TDP) Express, meanwhile, has also been developed to accelerate the implementation of digital technologies, and customized to equip Malaysian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across all sectors, with digital solutions and tools to migrate their business to online platforms.