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MARii’s Customized Human Capital Development Programme (CHDP) enable stakeholders at all levels within the automotive industry to initiate training for their dedicated workforce based on their individual needs, requirements and objectives.

Over and beyond what is already being offered by MARii with its Industry Certification Engineering (ICE) Programme, Industry-Led Professional Certification Programme (IPC) and Automotive Graduate Apprenticeship Programme, CHDP sets out to empower a company’s existing workforce and its new employees with the relevant knowledge and up-skilling that is in tandem with the company’s growth and aspirations moving forward . 

Modules, content, frequency, duration and methods of evaluation with clear key performance indicators (KPIs) are structured after thoroughly assessing and understanding the client’s requirements and what they hope to achieve. 

This high-impact learning programme is designed to meet specific business needs and challenges within an organization and is spearheaded by field-leading experts who provide a broad range of learning solutions and a wealth of experience designed to empower employees with skills and knowledge to excel. 

Employees undergoing training are exposed not only to all important areas in manufacturing, but also in the field of after sales which is critical to preserving business sustainability. In manufacturing, this includes strengthening the foundation, knowledge and technical capabilities in the areas of metal stamping and welding; plastic injection, blowing and extrusion; rubber extrusion and compression; machining and tooling; and other customized as well as niche areas of expertise. After sales training meanwhile, sets out to provide employees with the relevant and in-depth exposure in the areas of setting-up and managing of workshops and service centres; proficiencies in vehicle end-of-life; and re-manufacturing.