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MARii Client Charter

The purpose of a Client Charter is to enhance transparency, accountability, and trust between the organization and its clients by setting clear expectations for service delivery. Below are MARii client charter for reference;


MARIi will provide written reply within 3 working
days upon receiving the enquiries or complaints.


Maintain a user-friendly website and other
communication channels to improve access to
information and services.


Ensure equal access for services for all clients,
regardless of size or type of business.


To confirm the participation of our valued clients in programs / projects organized by MARIi not later than 2 working days before the programs / projects starts.


To complete programs / projects within the time frame agreed upon by our valued clients.


Ensure transparent and fair decision-making
processes in the administration of government policies and regulations.


To enhance clients satisfaction and building strong clients relationship.


Continuously improve the MARIii’s services through feedback from clients and stakeholders.