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A sub-programme under the Automotive Supplier Excellence Programme (ASEP), is the CEO/Owner Growth Mindset Programme (COGMP) which is designed to prepare the leadership of a company in their pursuit of becoming a world-class player. It also sets out to develop effective communication between Top Management and the working level; and, to realign and understand the effectiveness of quality management tools.

COGMP focuses on enhancing management style and leadership, which normally begins with the company’s chief executive officer, Managing Director or business owner, before being extended to the most senior management personnel within a company.

The programme is conducted for a minimum of six months and looks towards upgrading the basic fundamentals within a company, addressing its policies and the direction moving forward, the existing culture and mindset, and ensuring that these are aligned with what the market wants and current requirements in order to remain relevant and become competitive. Focusing on what is a “customer first mindset”, other areas looked into include managing risks, desire for growth, competencies, strategies, lean processes and preparedness to venture into the global market.

To assist with this transformation, MARii engages the services of a Super Coach (see trainer profile attached), an industry expert with the right credentials and experience to engage with a company’s CEO and business owner. Weekly engagements allow both parties to understand and analyze challenges being faced by the company in order to draw up a set of solutions. The programme deep dives into a company’s overall operations, taking a closer look at areas that include cost and revenue, planning, quality, production, manpower rearrangement, cash flow, resources, raw materials, procurement etc.

First introduced in 2017, the programme has been successfully implemented for companies within the automotive industry, namely Tier 1 and Tier 2 component manufacturers, and is today also extended to manufacturing companies beyond the automotive industry.

Programme Structure