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With the advent of more sophisticated technology, more and more companies are beginning to migrate their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) requirements from traditional software models that require physical in-house servers to more agile, cloud-based systems that provide remote and web-based accessibility managed and maintained by an external host or vendor.

This evolution not only provides for a more cost effective option by eliminating the need for heavy investments in infrastructure, but it retains all the applications that allow companies to manage and integrate their core business processes, as well as share information, and enable cross-functional collaboration uninterrupted.

ERP software systems integrate planning, inventory, procurement, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and other customized options that are critical to the business operations of a company. This integration and automation eliminates redundancies, improves accuracy, and enhances productivity, allowing businesses to quickly access needed information for clients, vendors, and business partners. This contributes to a more synergized workforce, improved customer and employee satisfaction, quicker response rates, and often resulting in associated costs decreasing.

At MARii, we offer companies, in particular for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), a cloud-based ERP solution to manage and track key business functions on a single platform that includes manufacturing; sales and logistics; stock and inventory management; procurement; and accounting.

The MARii ERP enables businesses to digitalize their operations at a fraction of the cost. This means businesses are able to optimize their resources and ensure that its manpower, infrastructure and equipment work to add value to their production, and not wasted on tedious non-value-added activities that can now be eliminated through digitalization. This results in direct impact being experienced in terms of increased productivity, quality, revenue, profitability and enhances a company’s overall operational capabilities and competitiveness.

With connectivity, data driven business operations are also not constrained by location and movement restrictions whereby the system can be accessed and utilized by the various functions of a business. MARii’s ERP platform is especially critical in times whereby businesses are forced to operate remotely from homes as demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic, yet are still able to function with minimal to no disruptions.

MARii’s ERP solution also includes on-ground technical support to ensure that companies use the system to its optimum level, with periodic consultancy and visitations to cater to additional or growing requirements to further enhance the business operations.

More than 500 companies in the domestic automotive sector are expected to fully embrace ERP in their business operations by 2022, with the system also applicable to all sectors in the manufacturing industry.