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Automotive Industry Certification Engineering


Opened to Malaysian graduates between the ages of 20 and 27 who possess a degree or diploma in engineering or related fields, MARii’s Industry Certification Engineering (ICE) Programme is a 6-month intensive course designed to enable graduates to seamlessly transition into and immediately make an impact in the rapidly-evolving industry landscape.

Developed in collaboration with industry players and Malaysian institutions of higher learning, and taking into account industry feedback as well as insights in terms of requirements and enhancements, ICE arms and aligns graduates with further knowledge and skills that increases their employability and marketability.

ICE not only imparts invaluable insights into and training in the areas of manufacturing processes, lean production system, management system, quality management, and engineering design & analysis, but also helps to develop soft skills that include management and financial skills, communications, groom greater professionalism and emphasizes on efficiency in performance. Trainees who excel subsequently have the opportunity of being employed upon completion of the programme.

Originally introduced for the automotive industry and known as the Automotive Industry Certification Engineering (AICE), the programme today has been expanded to include other sectors in the industry which encompasses manufacturing, oil & gas, electronics, telecommunications, etc. 

Since introduced in 2012 and as at 2020, the programme has successfully enhanced the employability of some 4,656 graduates, with MARii now equipped to train up to 1,000 participants per year.

The ICE programme is also available to industry players and organizations who seek to develop customized training modules to further enhance their recruitment exercise.