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Lean Production System


The Lean Production System (LPS) programme is conducted in collaboration with Malaysian car manufacturers PROTON and PERODUA designed to continually enhance productivity and efficiency while minimizing or eliminating wastage within the manufacturing operations of its original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers.

The nine-month programme involves three months of coaching and training, and a further six months of monitoring to ensure that improvements are implemented and practiced, and the results of these enhancements measured.

All training programmes are certified by the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF), and led by industry-expert trainers with modules customized to individual improvement needs within the company. Programmes also offer companies a flexible training schedule as to not disrupt their existing operations and workforce requirements. 

One key area of focus is Kanban, a workflow management system that is employed worldwide by major corporations enabling work to be visualized, maximized for efficiency and continuously improved which in the automotive industry translates into streamlined processes, ensuring the quality of the final product and creating just-in-time delivery

Programme Structure