Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment

MARii’s INDUSTRY4WRD (Industry Forward) Readiness Assessment programme was introduced as a platform and mechanism to help manufacturing and related services firms, especially small and medium industries (SMEs,) determine their preparedness in embracing Industry 4.0 technologies and processes, and to assist where necessary in developing intervention measures to accelerate this curve. 

Developed in collaboration with industry professionals, academia, multiple Ministries and agencies, and in consultation of the best practices adopted by other countries that are leading the Industry 4.0 transformation, the programe identifies gaps and areas of improvement for Industry 4.0 technology adoption as well as opportunities for productivity improvement and growth. It also seeks to develop feasible strategies and plans to perform outcome-based intervention projects.

The programme addresses three critical parameters within a business entity – people, processes and technology adoption. The focus on people emphasizes on having a suitable workforce and ensuring that this is achieved through the development of the required human capital and sustainable transformation activities with regards to organizational strategies, collaboration and governance. Process meanwhile, deep dives into the business operations, focusing not only on management systems, but also its supply chain and product lifecycle, as well as emphasizing on smart and strategic public-private partnerships, security, sustainability and product co-creation. Technology adoption evaluates the application of intelligent, connected and automated technologies, measured at three different layers of the business: shop floor, facilities and enterprise.

The overall report is subsequently submitted to the Secretariat for the Readiness Assessment programme which is under the purview of the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), an agency belonging to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) that provides value-added information on productivity, quality, competitiveness, and best practices. At MPC, these reports are evaluated and endorsed by a technical committee whereby companies found to have met with the benchmark are then certified. This certification in turn qualifies them to have access to the INDUSTRY4WRD Investment Fund and the Domestic Investment Strategic Fund which is administered by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and serves as financial support namely for small and medium Industries (SMEs). The Readiness Assessment is open to all companies in the manufacturing and related services.