MARii Additive Manufacturing Technology Centre (MAMTEC)

MARii’s Additive Manufacturing and Technology Centre (MAMTEC) is the first online 3D Printing Service Bureau in Malaysia spearheaded by the government to accelerate and enhance the capabilities of Malaysian automotive component manufacturers and suppliers in the areas of research and development of new parts and the manufacturing of components for the next generation of vehicles.

MAMTEC is a state-of-the-art facility for additive manufacturing and offers industry players a one-stop as well as end-to-end service platform, from design optimization to simulation and validation, 3D scanning, reverse engineering and post processing. As a centre of excellence for additive manufacturing, MAMTEC possessed the technology and infrastructure that can 3D print any design, size and shape through an easy, fast and secure platform without any manufacturing limitations.

Clients need only to access MAMTEC’s platform at, upload any 3D file format, they can customize their printing parameters to obtain their desired results, and get an instant quotation online. Specialists from MAMTEC are also available to work with clients to determine optimal part design and orientation based on the application requirements. These designs are then processed into 3D models using use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure only the highest quality products are printed.

Products are then treated in an ultrasonic washing tank (to remove any support structure), and cured in a UV (ultraviolet) oven to enable it to reach its mechanical properties, before being painted and coated for surface treatment awaiting to be shipped to clients.

With 11 years of experience, MAMTEC is backed by a team of more than 70 engineers and specialists and has successfully helped with the production of hundreds of components