As an organization key to the Government’s pursuit of innovation, MARii’s headquarters in Cyberjaya, at the heart of Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor and located approximately 30 minutes from the capital of Kuala Lumpur, was deliberately modelled to spur an environment of creativity. 

Unlike conventional office spaces, its 70 plus personnel report for work to an open plan office space providing them with not only the freedom to select an area or corner best for them on any given day but fully equipped with an array of amenities and vibrant as well as multi-coloured furniture designed to stimulate and energize the mind.  Bright lights accompany an eclectic collection of furniture, from sofas, conventional working tables, high chairs and tables to unique seating pieces – all with the intent of bringing out the best in its workforce.

The Perdana Innovation Space houses the heart of MARii’s operations, housing its strategic research, technology, supply chain development and human capital development divisions, and the open-plan space encourages closer cross-collaboration amongst personnel, and that includes uninterrupted access to the Chief Executive Officer and other senior management personnel who like the others, are not privy to dedicated offices or work areas.

The main floor also houses six private meeting rooms, a boardroom, discussion areas, a surau, a fully-stacked pantry and recreational equipment in the form of a chess sets, a punching bag and ping pong table. There is even a music corner fully equipped with instruments and equipment donated from some of the staff members.

MARii’s headquarters also houses an auditorium on its lower ground floor which is offered for use to all industry players and stakeholders, hosting events from seminars and media engagements to the launch of a new vehicle. Also housed at MARii’s headquarters is its 96 core supercomputer.