MARii Simulation & Analysis Centre (MARSAC)

In 2020, MARii extended its programme to provide shared infrastructure and facilities to industry players with the opening of the MARii Simulation & Analysis Center (MARSAC), an installation dedicated to computer aided engineering (CAE) for use by Malaysian automotive and mobility component manufacturers. The overarching objective is for Malaysian manufacturers to infuse greater computer simulation into their product development cycle.

Established in collaboration with national car manufacturer PROTON, the centre is equipped with 15 high performance workstations, powered by MARii’s High Performance Computing servers which enable real-time data analysis and cloud-based operations. Supported by MARii’s 72 core hyper computer for high computing power, these facilities allow engineers to perform digital simulations during the validation phase of automotive and mobility-based parts, components, systems and processes. Some of the more commonly used simulation analysis includes Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Analysis, Multibody Dynamics, and Optimizations.

The use of computer aided engineering (CAE) allows manufacturers to simulate, validate and optimize products, processes and manufacturing tools with the use of computer software without the need for a physical prototype.  While it does not entirely do away with the building of a physical prototype, engineering simulation driven by the power and speed of high-performance cloud computing, vastly reduces the cost and time of design iterations in the overall development process. Results can be quickly evaluated, it helps engineering teams manage risk and understand the performance implications of their designs, and the process can be repeated until the desirable performance is attained.

MARSAC is both disruptive and a game changer, particularly in giving smaller companies accessibility to infrastructure that would have otherwise only been available to large corporations due to its high investment cost.