National Emission Test Center (NETC)

The National Emission Test Centre (NETC), located in Rawang, Selangor is the first fully-fledged vehicle emissions testing facility in Malaysia. The centre’s facilities include real-time measurement of exhaust emission gases for passenger cars (and pick-up trucks) in accordance with UN Regulation 83 and 101, and/or any international exhaust emission standards.

Its facilities include the real-time measurement of vehicle exhaust emission gases up to Euro 6d levels. The emissions lab is equipped with an Emissions Chassis Dynamometer within a climatic chamber. The centre also features a soak room, emissions and equipment room, as well as a control room.

The centre’s facilities and services are extended to all vehicle manufacturers, primarily but not limited to those in ASEAN and Malaysia, as well as to all parties that previously did not have access to conduct emissions testing locally.

Emission testing is one of the critical requirements imposed by most countries around the world before allowing the importation and sale of any vehicle. In Malaysia, the test must be performed in accordance to the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) and Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) certification.

While it currently serves passenger cars (and pick-up trucks), the NETC will be expanded to include emissions testing for commercial vehicles and motorcycles in the future.