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MARii Design Center

The MARii Design Centre is the second centre to be launched, under the Automotive Manufacturing Innovation Centre, in August 2017. MARii Design Centre is established with the purpose of enhancing the implementation of Industry 4.0 in the Malaysian automotive industry specifically in the areas of design engineering, simulation and prototyping.


Specifically in the areas of design engineering, simulation and prototyping.

It is a product of Government-Industry cooperation between MARii, PERODUA and their vendors. It is an open sharing Industry 4.0 platform, whereby any OEM and vendors from various tiers can leverage on the hardware and software available, such as the Fused Deposited Material 3D Printer, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D Printer for the additive manufacturing, Augmented Reality, the MARii High Performance Computing Server and more.

The Centre will also enable the automotive industry to conduct simultaneous engineering between the OEM and their vendors during the product development stage of a new model. This will assure quality, and improve productivity of new model development thus ensuring good user-experience in the finished product.

Revolutionizing the Road Ahead: Where Innovation Meets Automotive Excellence

The establishment of MARii Design Centre will also promote a more conducive environment for the industry to innovate and to establish strategic alliances and collaboration, which is vital for our local industry to remain competitive and to be a part of the global supply chain.

The facilities at MARii Design Centre is well equipped with technologies to cut across other industries, such as the aerospace industry and the larger transportation sector.

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