Technopreneur Development Programme (TDP) Express

Launched in 2020, to overcome the adverse impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on businesses, MARii’s Technopreneur Development Program Xpress (TDP Xpress) is aimed at equipping micro as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with digital solutions to ensure the sustainability and modernization of their operations.

Covering 3 main pillars – Digital Marketing, Sales, and Operations – TDP XPress accelerates the implementation of digital technologies within SMEs enabling them to migrate their business to online platforms within the short timeframe of 1 month. In 2020, the program enabled a total of 1000 micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to successfully enhance their businesses by embracing digital technologies.

The Digital Marketing module covers various online tools to help companies establish a strong social media presence to increase market reach, while the Sales module equips participants with the knowledge to conduct business on an online marketplace. The Operations module meanwhile, provide participants an in-depth approach to finance and business management tools, logistics and delivery processes. 

Developed in collaboration with Fintech Lab, the program’s end goal sets out to establish an ecosystem revolving around technology that becomes fully utilized by SMEs on a shared common platform engineered by MARii. It is also in line with the Government’s aspirations to see Malaysian businesses fully adapt to and adopt Industry 4.0-related technologies and services into their businesses.

TDP express is an extension to MARii’s existing Technopreneur Development Program (TDP), whereby the first batch of companies to have completed a six-month digitalization program, are now equipped with a comprehensive end-to-end management of their own online stores,

This program has also enabled companies to collectively improve their total sales by almost RM250,000 within the first six months, recording an average sales increase of 20%, while the top 5 TDP companies have reported an average sales growth of 80% within the same period, with some companies expanding their market reach beyond Malaysia.