Workshop Transformation Programme (WTP)

As an industry accelerator, MARii’s role extends throughout the eco-system and in the automotive sector this includes reaching out to enhance small businesses and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which includes workshops and auto service and repair establishments.


The introduction of a Workshop Transformation Program (WTP) is aimed at enhancing the capability and competency of workshop owners and entrepreneurs in their business ventures. Via one-on-one coaching which forms the central aspect of the program, businesses are guided and equipped with valuable business skills to elevate their entrepreneurship and technical practice to a higher level. 


One-to-one coaching under the stewardship of leading industry experts and professionals enables the program to effectively impart everything from the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, bookkeeping, inventory, the sharpening of business acumen and best practices, customer service and after sales service, to exposing entrepreneurs to pertinent techniques and requirements in order to further strengthen their businesses. 


This is in keeping with the modernization of the automotive industry and ensuring that existing businesses not only up skill and transform, but enhance their business practices in order to become sustainable, even more competitive and relevant. The program also facilitates networking and introduces these businesses to the various Government assistance, financial packages and support-system available to them should the need arise for expansion.