Digital Engineering and Prototyping (DEP)

Manufacturing processes in the new age are increasingly evolving to become more high tech in pursuit of maximizing productivity, increasing capacity, enhancing efficiency and minimizing wastage as well as overall production costs.

Global manufacturers today are rapidly shifting from traditional manufacturing processes to digital engineering and prototyping (DEP) which is essentially a process to produce highly complex product designs in the shortest possible time frame during the stages of pre-production or the development phases of a product. This is made possible with advancements in computer, design, modeling and information applications that are today integrated to facilitate this process. 

Digital engineering and prototyping (DEP) involves a number of areas: from additive manufacturing; product optimization; augmented reality; and virtual reality; to simulation; computer aided engineering (CAE); and advanced designing solutions.

At MARii, our goal is to not only impart on this knowledge and technical expertise to the domestic manufacturing sector, but to also help accelerate their process of embracing these new and game changing technologies.

This is accomplished by providing numerous training, skill enhancement and certification programmes, in addition to on-site technical support as well as providing shared infrastructure and facilities which manufacturers and industry players can immediately utilize without having to invest in their own software and hardware.

MARii offers manufacturers two distinct programmes to support local manufacturers. The first is a CATIA Specialist Certification Programme to train and upgrade local designers to becoming certified mechanical surface design specialists, and the second is a leasing programme for the CATIA V5 software inclusive of on-site support and training.