Competitiveness and continual sustainability of a business today depends greatly on an organization’s acceptance and embrace of technology as well as state-of-the-art solutions designed to not only enhance efficiency, productivity and profitability, but essential in promoting growth, capacity and capabilities.  

At MARii, the programmes we offer are tailored to bring Malaysia’s manufacturing sector into a new era, one that is becoming increasingly punctuated by the use of highly advanced systems, methodologies and practices. These programmes are critical in continuing to give Malaysian companies the edge they need to compete on equal footing globally.


Programmes that are currently being offered to industries currently include but not limited to augmented reality & virtual reality; additive manufacturing; product optimization; enterprise resource planning; advancements in the field of bio-medical (MARii Tracker);  Catia leasing & certification; computer aided engineering; cloud computing; Industry4WRD readiness & assessment; and digital engineering & prototyping.

Additive Manufacturing

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CATIA Leasing & Certification