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The MARii Academy of Technology lies on the site of an old factory, but has been transformed into a training centre that houses industrial grade equipment including a hybrid vehicle trainer, toolings, and assembly jigs.

MARii Academy of Technology  is also a technology commercialization centre to undertake technology transfer, validation and adoption of automation practices. The electric bus homologation, robotic programming and 3D printing capabilities are some of the technologies commercialization activities being undertaken at MARii Academy.

To ensure that the expected skills and knowledge of these jobs are met, MARii provides capacity building programmes across all levels from school leavers to undergraduates  whom, upon completion of these programmes, will be offered employment. These programmes include:-

1.     Industry-Led Professional Certificate (IPC) – a program for SPM leavers to produce skilled workers and technicians through specific modules and on-the-job training, for a duration of 6 months

2.     Automotive Industry Certification Engineering (AICE) – a programme for fresh graduates in STEM degrees to jump start their careers in the industry through a syllabus that tailors them to be immediately employable in the automotive industry, for a duration of 8 months

3.     MARii Graduate Apprenticeship – a programme for undergraduate students of STEM degrees which exposes them to the automotive industry from the 1st year of study until their graduation.

MARii also conducts capacity building programmes for the current employees in the automotive industry. Participating companies that send their employees to these programmes record an average increase in productivity by 24%. These programmes include:-

1.     Digital Engineering and Prototyping (DEP) – a programme for current engineers to enhance their design and engineering capabilities, for a duration of 3 months

2.     Lean Production System (LPS) – a program for all levels of employment to enhance the productivity of their manufacturing operations, for a duration of 9 months

3.     Customised programmes – a programme for all levels of employment to enhance specific areas of a company, for a duration of 3 months.

MARii Academy of Technology Building

Hybrid Simulator

MARii Academy of Technology DOJO

MARii Academy of Technology DOJO

MARii Academy of Technology Tunnel

Sports Arena

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