Human Capital Development

A company is only as good as its workforce, and in order to remain competitive and push forward, it is imperative that organizations not only make an conscious effort to acknowledge this but take the appropriate measures to ensure its operations are continually driven by a competent and capable talent pool.

At MARii, programmes to address human capital development take on a multi-faceted approach, emphasizing not only on strengthening the existing talent pool with organizations, but also preparing Malaysia’s next generation of workforce, ensuring that they are armed with industry-ready knowledge and expertise in order to make an immediate impact and contribution. 

These programmes  include the Industry-Led Professional Certification Programme (IPC) that is aimed at integrating Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) school leavers into the semi-skilled and highly-skilled automotive industry workforce; MARii’s Automotive Graduate Apprenticeship Programme which equips undergraduates pursuing a degree or diploma in engineering with the right skill sets, practices and industry exposure; and the Industry Certification Engineering (ICE) Programme to ensure fresh graduates are able to seamlessly transition into the rapidly-evolving industry landscape.

MARii also provides a Customized Human Capital Development Programme (CHDP) and modules on Employability and the Retraining of Local Talent  (ERT), allowing stakeholders within the automotive manufacturing industry to tailor-made high-impact training modules to up-skill their existing workforce and to meet with specific business needs and challenges of an organization.