A sub-programme of Lean Production Systems (LPS) is what is known as Karakuri, otherwise described
as a people oriented programme to enhance efficiency and production processes.

A Japanese terminology, Karakuri is originally traditional and mechanized Japanese puppets made from
the 17 to the 19 century. In manufacturing, Karakuri has come to be defined as simple but intelligent
automation mechanisms based on physical principles where devices use levers, pulleys, counterweights
and gravity to increase productivity, quality and safety.

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First introduced by MARii in 2018 in collaboration with PROTON and PERODUA supplier associations, Karakuri sets out to increase a company’s capabilities and competitiveness by way of improving working process by eliminating “Muda” (waste), “Mura” (unevenness), and “Muri” (overburden).

The programme is conducted twice a year over a period of five months at MARii’s Institute of Technology in Rawang, Selangor, and involves one month of classroom training, three months of mentoring, and one final month for assessment.

It is essentially most relevant to employees who are at the level of assistant managers, technicians and engineers and who are assigned to the production floor of a manufacturing company. This enables them to now implement Karakuri in the design of basic mechanisms within the company that will help to ease the work flow process for production personnel.

Summary of Program


  • Twice a year
  • 1 month classroom training + 3 months mentoring + 1 month assessment


  • Assistant managers, technicians and engineers


  • To enhance efficiency and production processes
  • To increase a company’s capabilities and competitiveness