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In the fight against COVID-19, the Institute launched a product it calls the MARii Tracker which is a device that offers a complete solution for contact tracing, social distancing compliance, location tracking, supply chain information, and enforcement of standard operating procedures (SOPs),
within business premises in real-time and in the cloud.


The system which was internally developed by MARii, is highly suited to maintain strict SOP compliance in business premises that requires a high population of its workforce to be present on-site, such as factories, retail outlets or even airports.

The MARii Tracker is in the form of a small Bluetooth dongle that can be clipped on a belt or placed in an employee’s pocket, alerting employees with an audible alarm when two or more dongles come within a range of less than one (1) meter in order to maintain strict social distancing protocols. This data is also captured by the system administrator for logging, analysis and any corrective action.

In the case of employees testing positive for COVID-19, employers are able to track and identify areas exposed to infections through a cloud-based administrator dashboard. This facilitates with the identification and isolation of close contacts of infected individuals, while allowing unaffected employees to continue working without risk. In addition, the system can also
be integrated with technologies such as facial recognition and geographic information systems (GIS) mapping whereby big data analytics technology enables predictive modeling and simulations of outbreak patterns from new infection clusters.

The MARii Tracker also integrates with selected human resource management applications such as Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) and attendance software, easing the tasks of monitoring and tracking the movement within the business premise. Apart from employee identification numbers, the device does not store any personal data belonging to employees, and the system does not rely to any smartphone or mobile application to operate.

In a post-pandemic era where disruptions to businesses may recur, the MARii Tracker presents an innovative solution in the form of heath
management data that was previously not available to business owners and authorities alike.